Your roof protects and covers your most treasured assets and family. It pays to know trouble lurking within your roofing system. Luckily, most alarming signals are loud and easily visible to the naked eye. This makes roof maintenance an essential task that should be conducted regularly. Here are a few of the most common and easily recognizable roof problems and their possible damages.

Broken and missing shingles
Over time, your roof will suffer wear and tear from harsh climatic conditions and gradual depreciation. You may start to notice missing parts of the shingles or tiles. Missing gaps on the roof are excellent entry points for rodents that could eat up your inner layers of the roof. They also allow water into the internal parts of the roofing system. If left unattended, you could notice leakage or grey streaks on the ceiling. Sipping water into some parts of the roof also creates an excellent breeding spot for mold and algae to thrive. All these defects are detrimental to the aesthetic touch of your roofing system.

Clogged gutters
Clogged gutters often result from poor cleaning techniques or lack of maintenance. Debris and leaves accumulate in the gutter, causing problematic drainage issues. A clogged drain causes water overflow that leaks to the siding and other house structures. The weight of trapped debris and water from the clogged gutters puts so much weight on the channels forcing it to come loose and deter its functionality.

Damage from trees
Particularly overgrown trees and branches turn problematic when a small gust of wind knocks off the branches to the nearest roof’s surface. Depending on the weight of the branches and the strength of the wind, your roof may suffer from broken parts that act as perfect entry points for water to cause leakage. Also, leaves could find an ideal resting place of the roof, inviting pests, trapped water, and mold growth, which eventually tampers with the attractiveness of the roof.

Wrong roof installation
Due to the weather changes from cooling or warming up, your tiles may expand or contract. In some cases, they expand or shrink beyond there allocated spaces, which force the shingles to split or bend. This happens when your roofing contractor installed the shingles tightly together, leaving no adequate space for expansion and contraction of the roof shingles.

Snow and Ice damage
The winter season normally will put your roof into a test. Ice and snow can cause havoc in nearly every type of roof. During the warm days, the snow and ice will melt into water and find its way underneath the shingles. Once the temperatures go down, the water freezes back into hard frost and can push the inner layers of the roof outwards against the shingles and flashing. With more entry points, more ice and water seeps into the roof, causing leakages, mold growth, and structural damage.

Regular and thorough inspections are essential in detecting these damages in their early stages. Fixing them early prevents further deterioration of the roof’s structure. Call Champion Roofing today!