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All homes will need a residential roof replacement periodically. At Champion Roofing, our top priority is installing quality, long-lasting residential roofs to match your budget and appearance preferences.

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Local Residential Roof Installation You Can Trust

Champion Roofing has over 30 years of experience installing residential roofs in the greater Chicago area. We provide all types of residential roofing installation services in the Chicago area that are guaranteed to extend the life of your home. With a dedicated team of professional, highly qualified residential roofers and installation experts, Champion Roofing understands what customers need and expect from a residential roofing contractor.

Fast, Quality Residential Roof Replacement

When your home’s roof is damaged and in need of a residential roof replacement, your home is vulnerable to weather-related damage on the interior, such as from a roof leak. It is also vulnerable to pest infestations, reduced energy efficiency and several other negative consequences.

At Champion Roofing, we understand that getting a residential roof replacement completed on your Chicago area home can be a major event, and we strive to complete all work quickly without sacrificing on the quality of our efforts. With our hardworking team on the job, you can rest assured that the roofing project will be completed without delay so that life can return to normal in your home as soon as possible.

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Our Residential Roofing Installation Guarantee

30+ Years of Residential Roof Installation Near You

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Residential Roof Installation Process

After we have torn off your home’s existing roof, removed any warped, cracked, or damaged structural wood and installed solid decking (if all these steps are necessary), your new roof system is comprised of four items:


#1 Ice Barrier

An Ice Barrier is designed for installation in the valley areas of heated space, as well as at the eves. As a self-sticking membrane, the ice barrier holds back melting ice water that flows under shingles due to frozen ice dams.


#2 Felt Paper

Felt Paper was originally designed to protect roofing shingles from sap contained in the new roofing boards. More often, this paper acts as a last line of defense when heavy windblown rain hits your roof.


#3 Shingles

Champion Roofing has decades’ worth of hands-on shingle installation experience. Our commitments to training, craftsmanship, and rigorous inspections has led to hundreds of well-shingled homes in Chicago.

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#4 Details

Successful, attractive roofs not only don’t leak, but also appear great. By installing attractive chimney and pipe flashings, these two details, among many others, allow our crews to take pride in building roof systems that look terrific and provide years of service by removing consumer worries.

Getting Started Replacing or Installing a New Residential Roof


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Once our estimator has evaluated your residential roof, we will submit a free, detailed written estimate – via email, fax, or postal mail. By signing and returning one copy, along with your deposit check (or credit card details) to Champion Roofing, a legal contract is established; and we move your project to our schedulers.

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Champion Roofers chooses the best crew for your specific roofing needs. Allowing for weather and holidays, we establish a work schedule. Next, we order all needed materials, which are shipped to your home, or brought directly by our workers.


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Our professional crew will lay out tarps, prepare plywood, shingles, tools, extension cords and so on. We welcome your questions and concerns and ask that you direct them to the job foreman or our headquarters office. We provide prompt, courteous, and honest answers.

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Removing an average of 10,000 lbs. of wood, tarpaper, nails and insulation is a loud and potentially dangerous process. We immediately throw these items into the garbage dumpster. Our skilled workers make this process as safe as possible; and we ask homeowners , who only have their roofs replaced once or twice in a lifetime, to leave the task to us.

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By exposing the original roof deck for the first time since it was built, we will assess and make recommendations about wood replacement. Luckily, most homes require small amounts of new wood, if any at all. On average, customers require 20 ft. to 80 ft. of new wood to avoid continued degradation of your roof’s structure.





Once our work has finished, we clean and sweep sidewalks and driveways as well as rake lawns and plantings to ensure that unwanted debris is removed. Our Chicago roofers use powerful magnets to pick up any nails, screws, and bits of wiring that may have fallen during the work on your roof. Everything is then hauled away, leaving your home clean and pristine. 

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Residential Roof Project Follow-Up

Importantly, a full 86% of Roofer companies fail during their first five years in business. Champion Roofing has proven its worth in Chicago for nearly three decades. We stand by our workmanship and professionalism. Further, we know that word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers are our best advertisement. Thank you for the opportunity to repair or build your roof.

Quality Residential Roofing Materials

Our high quality starts with our choice of manufacturers.

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