Roofing FAQs

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How Long Will My Roof Last?

Champion, along with our roofing contractor colleagues and homeowner clients, agree that 20 years is an acceptable amount of time for a roof to function well in Chicago weather. It really depends upon the roof installation quality, exposure to snow, rain and heavy winds – a poorly maintained may last only 6-7 years.

Can I Repair My Own Roof?

Champion cautions homeowners not to risk losing manufacturers’ warranties by installing or repairing a roof by yourself. Champion’s professionally-trained crews understand conditions and potential pitfalls when working on residential roof structures. Each year, residents attempting to do their own work are hurt in falls, or with the tools and materials themselves. We recommend hiring a professional Chicago Roofing Contractor like Champion Roofing.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Call Champion Roofing?

Champion recommends periodic inspections to identify damaged or missing shingles, loose seams, excessive surface granules that accumulate in downspouts and so on. Call Champion today to schedule a review of your roof. Homeowners can look inside for cracking paint, peeled wallpaper, leaks and wall / ceiling discolorations.

Are Your FREE ESTIMATES Provided With No Obligation to Purchase?

Yes! Champion Roofing truly appreciates the opportunity to inspect your roof in order to provide you with an accurate no-cost, written estimate. We understand that investing money in your roof’s safety can be stressful; and we will make the process as smooth as possible. Our professional team values each potential roofing customer.

What is the Timeframe Required to Complete Work on My Shingle Roof?

Depending upon your roof’s size and the amount of shingle damage, a roof repair generally takes one or two work days, up to four or five for most residential homes. Adverse weather (rain, high winds, etc.) can delay completion of your roofing project. Regardless, we ensure water-tight work when complete. Our Chicago roofers, with 12-20 years experience each, will oversee rapid – and efficient – roof repairs and installation.

Can You Install New Shingles on Top of Existing Ones?

We treat each roof project on a case-by-case basis. For optimal results, we generally prefer to inspect the structural wood below the surface in order to repair proper framing; and then install new shingles on top. Proper materials and installation provide customers with a long-lasting roof.

Should I Replace My Gutters?

Improve drainage. Stop leaks. Enhance curb appeal. For these reasons, Champion Roofing can install new gutters as part of your roofing project. Popular gutter materials we work with are: galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum. When replacing old roofs, it is worth inspecting gutters, since they age too; reducing their ability to carry unwanted water and mud away from your homes bricks, siding, and foundation.

Do You Fix and Install Skylights?

When working on your roof, our trained professionals can repair or install a skylight. This is the ideal time, in order to maintain watertight seals. Skylights built into shingle roofs are beautiful, bring more light into your home, and have become much more affordable. Tell your Champion Roofing estimator about your interest in skylights; and we shall include a line-item in your FREE roofing quote.

Is An Ice & Water Shield Worth The Money?

As a protective underlayment, this product insulates areas most likely to suffer from ice backup and water leakage. The addition of this extra barrier between wood decking and shingles extends the life of skylights, valleys, eave perimeters and chimney portions of your roof. Our customers tell us that they are pleased with the long-term results of their Ice and Water Shields on their roofs.

How Can I Prepare For the Roofing Installation On My Home?

Champion Roofers request that you clear your driveway of cars, bicycles, etc. to protect your belongings from roofing material debris. The extra space gives our roofers a staging area for shingles, gutters and skylights. We will protect your concrete, asphalt and lawn with a base layer of plywood. Constant hammering can shake your interior shelves, photos, art and wall hangings; so please remove any loose items that could fall and break.

Do Your Installers Leave A Clean Worksite At My House?

During and after your roof repair project, our professionals carefully collect debris from your property (lawn, driveway, parking lot, etc.) before we leave. After sweeping dust and shingles into waste receptacles, we remove metal objects (nails, screws, bits of wire, etc.) with the use of powerful magnets. Project managers oversee a final inspection of your home’s roof and surrounding area, in order to ensure safety; and that you are pleased with the results.

How Can I Trust Champion as My Roofing Contractor?

Champion Roofing has nearly three decades of satisfied Chicago roofing customers. We maintain an A+ rating as a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. Our installers are highly trained, and each project manager has at least a decade’s worth of experience managing roofing projects.

What if There’s a Problem With My Roof Installation?

National roofing contractors agree with studies that show the problems people experience with their residential roofs are 2/3+ the result of poor workmanship by the contractor; and not the fault of the materials. So if you are dissatisfied with the roofing job, please feel free to contact us to get your issues resolved!

Do I Need to Warranty My Roof?

Because a new or repaired roof is a significant investment, often costing thousands of dollars, Champion recommends you learn in advance which aspects of parts & labor are covered in your warranty documents or insurance company.

Why Choose Champion Roofing?

Chicago Roofing is our business. For nearly three decades, our estimators, installers and management team have treated Chicago’s homeowners – and business owners – with respect and professionalism. We have established an admirable track record and earned an excellent reputation for working on a variety of roof systems and with a diverse array of roofing materials. We train our team members, maintain safe, and leave clean job sites.

Are Champion’s Roofers Insured?

Yes! Champion Roofing insures all our roof installers for industry-standard Workers’ Compensation, plus general liability coverage. We remain 100% responsible for any accidental injuries – removing any worries for you, the homeowner. Upon your request for certificates of insurance, we shall provide you with the information you require.