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At Champion Roofing, our top priority is installing quality, long-lasting commercial roofs to match your budget and appearance preferences.Even if your roof is not an issue at the moment, most older roofs are beyond repair and restoration, and that’s where we can help you.

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Local Commercial Roof Installation You Can Trust

Champion Roofing has over 30 years of experience installing commercial roofs in the greater Chicago area. We provide all types of commercial roofing installation services that are guaranteed to extend the life of your commercial building. With a dedicated team of professional, highly qualified commercial roofers and installation experts, Champion Roofing understands what commercial customers need and expect from a commercial roofing contractor.

Quality Commercial Roof Replacement

At Champion Roofing, we provide all types of commercial re-roofing services in the Chicago area. We can help you extend the life of your commercial building for many years. After our experts do a quick inspection of your property, they will give you a detailed report with a cost estimation. If our price is right, they will refresh your building with a new, durable roof. 

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Our Commercial Roofing Replacement & Installation Guarantee

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Commercial Roof Replacement Process

After our commercial roofing installation experts have completed an inspection of your current roof, they will give you a detailed report with a cost estimation. The installation process will depend on several factors:

Process-Step 1

#1 Existing Roof System & Conditions

Typically, depending on what type of commercial roofing you have, the same roofing technique will be used when installing the new roof. Installation techniques vary depending on the type of roof.

Process-Step 2

#2 Materials

Matching your material selection with the existing roofing materials is extremely important in ensuring compatibility, durability, and performance. Each material and roofing system offers different benefits, so it is important to choose materials that align with your needs and existing roof type.

Process-Step 3

#3 Prep & Installation

Champion Roofing has decades’ worth of hands-on experience with all different materials and techniques used in commercial roofing installation. Our commitments to training, craftsmanship, and rigorous inspections has led to hundreds of successful commercial roofing projects in Chicago.

Process-Step 4

#4 Details

High-quality commercial roofs are not only free from leaks, but they also look amazing. By installing attractive chimney and pipe flashings, these two details, among many others, allow our crews to take pride in building roof systems that look terrific and provide years of service by removing consumer worries.

Getting Started
Replacing or Installing a New Roof


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Once our estimator has evaluated your commercial roof, we will submit a free, detailed written estimate – via email, fax or postal mail. By signing and returning one copy, along with your deposit check (or credit card details) to Champion Roofing, a legal contract is established; and we move your project to our schedulers.

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Champion Roofers chooses the best crew for your specific roofing needs. Allowing for weather and holidays, we establish a work schedule. Next, we order all needed materials, which are shipped to the work site, or brought directly by our workers.




Our professional crew will lay out tarps, prepare plywood, shingles, tools, extension cords and so on. We welcome your questions and concerns, and ask that you direct them to the job foreman or our headquarters office. We provide prompt, courteous and honest answers.

Quality Commercial Roofing Materials

Our high quality starts with our choice of manufacturers.

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