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Signs You Need a New Roof

Your home has several critical structures that require attention over the years, including the foundation, walls and rooftop. In fact, the roof is one of the most complex parts of any home. It’s tough for decades, but it does exhibit specific decline at some point. Below are some of the main signs that tell you a new roof is necessary. These clues can help you plan for future repairs or replacement.

1. Old Age

As a homeowner, you should have paperwork that gives you a history on most major items around the property. A previous owner may have repaired the roof, but it’s never been replaced, for instance. Consider the rooftop’s age since any work has been performed on it. Most structures have shingles, which last between 20 and 25 years. If the property is nearing the 30-year mark since the last replacement, it’s time to look for a roofing contractor.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

From a cursory glance at the rooftop, it should have a uniform appearance. If you notice shingles that are curling, cracked or missing altogether, a rooftop replacement should be a priority. Any damage to the shingles allows moisture into the home at multiple points. Repairing the shingles is only a temporary measure. Other shingles will show their decline in time so replacing everything at once is the best solution. You’ll spend less money on a replacement when compared to periodic repairs on an older roof.

3. Mysterious Interior Stains

Another way to verify if you need a new roof is by looking inside the home. Within the attic might be mysterious stains. Interior walls may have a yellowed appearance. All of these stains are from slow leaks originating from the roof. Replacing it should stop the leaks for good. Allowing the leaks to continue will create widespread problems that cost a lot more down the road.

4. Moss Growth

If your roof has patches of algae, mold or mildew, there’s cause for concern. These microbes require a constant supply of moisture to grow. Because they’re chronically growing on the roof, that fact translates to trapped moisture on the structure. It might be hidden between the shingles and underlayment. Declining materials allow moisture into the rooftop layers, which leads to accelerated damage. It’s time for a new roof.

5. Roof Vents and Flashing

Gaze up at your rooftop from the curb. There are a couple of accessories that pop up from the rooftop, such as vents. These items usually have flashing or metal that connects them to the roof without any leak potential. Rusted, cracked or missing flashing indicates that water can easily infiltrate your roof. The flashing doesn’t decline for many years, which tells you that a replacement job should be in your immediate plans.

Discuss your roofing needs with Champion Roofing today. When performed by the professionals, this service can give your home a protective cap for many years. Replacing the roof is an investment that shouldn’t be postponed. Take care of the roof so that your entire home remains cozy and leak free.