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Questions to Ask a Residential roofing contractor

When it comes to choosing a residential roofing contractor or company for Roofing in Chicago there are many to choose from, but it is your roof and you want only the most reliable. So how do you go about selecting the right contractor for your specific roofing project in Chicago? Asking certain important questions will help you to choose the best.

Do you have a valid license? Before you hire any residential roofing contractor or company make sure they are properly licensed in the state where they are providing service. Every state requires that roofing contractors have a license while local cities may have varying requirements or regulations. Contact your local government department and then make sure that the roofing company has the appropriate licenses.

Do you offer onsite inspections and estimates? The condition, size and shape of the roof can only be determined by an onsite inspection. If a roofing company tries to give you an estimate without scheduling an appointment to visit the property and check out the roof you may want to look for another contractor.

Do you have a physical address? Although a physical address is not necessarily a guarantee of reliability, it does show that the company is established and will be available should you encounter problems with the roof during the warranty period.

How long have you been in business? This is not an indication of dependability or quality service but the number of years a contractor has been providing service is often a sign of their reliability. Of course every company or contractor must start somewhere so don’t rule out a company for Roofing in Chicago simply because they are a startup business.

Do you have insurance? Any contractor or company you hire for Roofing in Chicago should carry liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation coverage if they have employees working with them. If a worker is injured while providing service on your property and no workers’ compensation is in place, you could be responsible for medical costs and loss of income. Ask the roofing contractor for proof or verification of this insurance.

Do you provide a written contract? This will protect you in the event of a misunderstanding or problem. Make sure you get a detailed contract stating the work to be performed, the time frame for finishing the project, the type of materials to be used and an itemized list of material and labor costs.