If you own a townhome and are a member of a homeowner’s association, you may have specific responsibilities and rights when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof. This is because HOAs are concerned with keeping property values high, and a problem with your roof may also affect your neighbors. These tips will help you navigate the process.

Contact Your Landlord

If you rent a townhome, your landlord is responsible for repairs and completing repairs in a timely manner. According to some rental agreements, you may be able to perform repairs and purchase supplies and take that amount out of your rent.

Check your HOA Agreement

Many townhome owners are members of a homeowner’s association, and some renters are HOA members as well. Membership requires you to pay dues, among other things. Your HOA agreement may specify that the HOA is partially or fully responsible for repairs to your roof, meaning that you are off the hook. Your HOA may be your best bet if the issue affects multiple townhomes and not just yours, and you may even have a responsibility to report any issues with your roof. Even if your HOA covers only a portion of the cost, it can help a lot.

Contact Your Insurance Company

While normal wear and tear are not typically covered by insurance companies, damage from natural disasters such as a hurricane, ice storms or tornado may be. Before you pay out of pocket, contact your insurance agent to see what she can do for you.

Don’t Put Off Repairs or Replacement

As a homeowner, there will be many times when maintenance comes directly out of your bank account. While repairing or replacing an entire roof can be costly, you should expect that it will happen if it has not happened in some time and especially if you live in your townhome for more than a decade. Putting off necessary repairs or a roof replacement can lead to a more expensive bill down the line as the issue becomes exacerbated. For example, a leaking roof can allow moisture into your home, leading to mold and rot in your walls and floors. By the time you get around to replacing your roof, you’ll have to replace much more. Regular repairs and maintenance may help stave off a roof replacement for a few years, however.

Get a Professional Opinion

Whether you’re unsure if your roof might need repair or replacement, a professional roofing contractor, like Champion Roofing, can advise your course of action. you may not need to replace your roof if you can replace a few missing or broken shingles with matching ones, for example. A professional can help your case if your HOA demands that you replace a roof, even if it’s unnecessary.

You May Need Legal Help

Unfortunately, you may need legal counsel if you cannot come to an agreement with your HOA over which roof repairs are necessary or how quickly those repairs must be performed. In those cases, you should contact an attorney that has experience with HOAs.