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8 Common Commercial Roof Problems

Commercial building owners should regularly maintain their commercial roofing for any repairs and maintenance.. The effects of the Chicago weather on commercial roofing is just as rough as it is on residential roofing. Although the problems are similar to what homeowners have to deal with, commercial roof owners also deal with additional things other than the typical leak, clogged gutters and damaged shingles. Therefore, we have compiled the list of the eight most common commercial roof problems that owners have to deal with on a regular basis.

#8 Standing Water

One of the issues that primarily face commercial building rather than homeowners is standing water on the roof. Unlike the typical residential building that is designed to allow gravity to push water down even when drains are clogged, a commercial building does not have this advantage. Due to the large AC units sitting on top, most buildings will sit on a level plane. This is why standing water is a very big issue for owners as the water has no place to go when drains are clogged. Standing water will begin to deteriorate the roof and the interior soon after if it is left sitting for a long period of time.

#7 Poor Roofing Installation

Commercial roofing is no doubt very labor and time intensive for both the contractor and building owner. However, it is paramount for a building owner to understand who will be working on the building’s roof. Recall that roofing on a commercial building is vastly different than that of a residential home. Things like protruding piping and large AC units can be greatly affected by the elements if the roofing is not done properly.

#6 Pitch Pockets

What are pitch pockets? Pitch Pockets are essentially the protection a pipe has on a commercial roof. Improper installation or simply the deterioration of a pitch pocket can cause significant water damage not only to your pipes but to the interior of your building. Although it is a rather simple fix, the effects can cost you thousands in repairs.

#5 Flashing

As you can tell by now, water is often the main issue faced by building owners. However, water is not what begins these issues; it is rather the elements that allow it to happen. This is often caused by flawed flashing, the protection placed around objects that protrude from the inside, such as a chimney would on a residential home.

#4 Drains, Drains, Drains

A large commercial building will tend to have multiple drains running along its sides. It is this fact that often causes various issues as the clogging of even one drain can begin to damage a roof. As you can tell by now, any form of standing water or objects on the roof can greatly damage it if left unattended for an extended period of time.

#3 Punctures & Penetrations

Commercial buildings can withstand a large amount of weather abuse, this is why they are often used as shelters during large storms, but their strength does not mean they can’t take damage. Often during intense storms, large branches or sharp objects are thrown onto the top of a roof. This causes small or large punctures that will no doubt lead to more severe roofing problems if left unattended.

#2 Improper Maintenance

The negligence of its owner does not always cause the bad state of a roof. In fact, a good amount of fault falls on those actually repairing it. The use of improper tools and or supplies is often the cause of more serious issues. Therefore, it is paramount to confirm that your commercial roof will be repaired with industrial supplies and not that used for the typical residential home. To avoid any problems, use a professional commercial roofing contractor like Champion Roofing.

#1 Surface Erosion

Those living in extreme climates where temperatures are either extremely hot or extremely cold can attest to the damage it can cause on a roof. It is vital to check your roof at least twice a year to observe if any surface erosion is occurring. Depending on the type of roof you have, this can be seen as long-running cracks and or flimsy and crumbling tiles.