You need to inspect roofing in Chicago in the autumn to ensure the materials can withstand our region’s horrible winter weather conditions. It is difficult for the roofers working for Champion Roofing Inc., to complete repairs to a rooftop during an ice storm, so our company recommends making all repairs before bad weather arrives.

One: Inspect the Attic

An important way to inspect a home’s roof is by looking at the interior surface of an attic. Take along a flashlight to look at the attic’s ceiling, wood beams and insulation to determine if there is moisture from leaks. Make sure to perform this inspection on a sunny day in order to see if sunlight is shining through any holes that require repair.

Two: Shingle Repair

Autumn is a good time to replace damaged shingles to protect underlying roofing materials from moisture or wind damage. If you have an extension ladder and the correct tools, then you can nail down old or new shingles, but this is often a job for a professional roofing team because climbing on a rooftop is dangerous.

Three: Chimney Problems

The chimney and vents located on a rooftop are important parts of the roofing material’s components. If these items have defects, then it is essential to have problems repaired in the autumn. Missing mortar, brick or metal on venting systems can lead to sparks landing on the roofing materials, leading to a dangerous fire.

Four: Gutter Cleaning

Downspouts and rain gutters are important parts of your home’s rooftop drainage system, and if the devices are filled with debris, then moisture will not run off the roof fast enough to prevent damage. When moisture remains on a rooftop, it can lead to degraded shingles and rotting wood.

Five: Trim Trees

If your home has large trees located on its lawns, then make sure to trim away dead or long branches that can damage a roof. This also helps to keep leaves off of the rooftop and from inside the rain gutters.

Six: Rooftop Inspection

In addition, you should inspect a home’s rooftop or call the professional roofers at Champion Roofing to complete this inspection. Knowledgeable roofers have the proper equipment and supplies to make many repairs on the same day as an inspection, ensuring that a home’s roofing in Chicago will protect you throughout the winter.