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Six Autumn Roofing Maintenance Tips

You need to inspect roofing in Chicago in the autumn to ensure the materials can withstand our region’s horrible winter weather conditions. It is difficult for the roofers working for Champion Roofing Inc., to complete repairs to a rooftop during an ice storm, so our...

Creating a Roof Maintenance Plan

Does creating a roof maintenance plan sound like a good idea considering your roofing issues due to the unique weather in Chicago? Roofing in Chicago undergoes more stress than homes found outside the area because the windy conditions often set world records. In these...

Roof Maintenance in the Spring

Essential Spring Rooftop Maintenance Durable and high-quality roofing in Chicago is necessary for commercial and residential buildings, and Champion Roofing Inc., can provide advice concerning spring maintenance for rooftops. Late spring is the perfect time to fix the...

Roof Maintenance in the Summer

Have you been wondering if the summer is the best time of year for roofing repairs? On the other hand, are you getting calls about roof maintenance requests in the summer and do not know why this is common each year? Roofers in Chicago have plenty of work to do in the...

Famous Roofs Around The World

Can you name a famous roof that is known for its historical significance and the materials that were used to construct it? Few people can. Knowing our past can help us in the future, so let’s highlight two well-known roofs that have changed the way we look at roofs....

We needed a Chicago Roofing Contractor

CHICAGO STORMS I never thought I would need the services of a roofing contractor. I mean, sure, I know all about rough weather and home maintenance. After all, I live in Chicago, home of some of the most epic winter storms in the United States. Living here has made me...

How to winterize your roof

If you live in a northern state that has hard winters with snow and ice storms, below freezing temperatures and lots of moisture, checking your roof and getting it ready for winter should be one thing you do every fall. Here in Chicago, we have these kind of winters....

Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

If you live in the Chicago area, you’re used to the extreme weather of all four seasons. There are a few things you can do year-round to protect both the exterior and interior of your home from damage. Winter Though most of your routine year-round maintenance should...

Most Common Roofing Styles in Chicago

When the time comes to replace the roof on your Chicago area home, you may initially consider replacing it with the same color and style of shingles as currently installed in the space. However, many homeowners may consider taking a closer look at some of the other...

How To Avoid Ice Damming On Your Roof

When it comes to homes in Chicago, roofing on those houses may need a little more attention than in other cities with more mild weather. With our harsh and icy winters, it is not uncommon for some roofs to acquire problems that require a certain amount of maintenance....

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