Does creating a roof maintenance plan sound like a good idea considering your roofing issues due to the unique weather in Chicago? Roofing in Chicago undergoes more stress than homes found outside our area, because the windy conditions often set world records. In these cases, it pays to have a secure roof that will not let you down. Thankfully, a roof maintenance plan for your home is much easier to do than you might expect because we know all too well that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to roofing in Chicago.

Understanding the Roofing Maintenance Process

Roofing maintenance usually involves a simple inspection to check for signs of wear or loose roofing tiles. There are also other signs of rot in roofs that have large patches of moss or algae. In modern times, a roof inspection may also be important because of solar panel installations. When the roof is inspected, maintenance such as clearing away debris and tree limbs will occur. The roof may also be examined on a regular basis (especially after wind storms) with drones.

Making Special Accommodations for Security

Roof maintenance inspection contractors need access to the roof. This means using ladders, but there may also be issues that involve windows or sunroof seals and access to the inside of the house could be required. In these situations, a homeowner will need to leave security information for the roof inspection or arrange a time that the roof can be inspected with the homeowner present.

Getting on a Roofing Maintenance Schedule

When there are wind storms, there may be calls soon after to see if you want to be part of an upcoming roof maintenance drop-in schedule occurring in your neighborhood. Otherwise, you can expect at least two roof inspections with maintenance to occur directly before and after winter if you sign up for a plan with a Champion roofing. While more serious inspections, pressure washing cleanings, re-sealings and repairs can be scheduled during the warm months of the year, we offer our emergency services even on the coldest and windiest of days.

Call Us for Your Roofing Maintenance Services!

We understand all too well that letting roofing issues go is not necessarily the best idea in windy Chicago, and we are happy to help you prevent flyaway roofing tiles. To become part of our roof maintenance list, give us a call today. We can help you understand our process of maintenance or inspections, and we explain our pricing in language you can understand. To get started, give us a call today and thank you in advance for choosing us.