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Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

If you live in the Chicago area, you’re used to the extreme weather of all four seasons. There are a few things you can do year-round to protect both the exterior and interior of your home from damage.


Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Your RoofThough most of your routine year-round maintenance should be completed before winter hits, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that the weather doesn’t get the best of your roof.

Watch for Ice Dams

Large accumulations of snow and icicles hanging from your roof are a telltale sign of ice dams. It is important that you or a professional break up these dams to protect against damage.

Remove Snow Buildup

Following heavy snowfalls, remove built-up snow to prevent ruin and potential collapse. You can do this yourself if you take certain precautions, but for safety reasons, consider hiring a trained professional.

Spring and Summer

The rainy springs and windy summers in Chicago can have a negative impact on your roof. Take action immediately following winter to help prevent this.

Plant Wind Breakers

“The Windy City” can have a detrimental impact on your roof. The wind can blow away and damage shingles and flashing. If you are able, plant trees to act as windbreakers surrounding your house.

Remove Debris

The wind can blow debris and unwanted junk on your roof. Routinely check for such debris and remove it. Make sure you do so on a mild day as wind and storms increase the risk of injury.

Check Ventilation Systems

Remove any blockage in your ventilation systems so that air can flow freely in and around your home, preventing mold/mildew growth and saving energy.

Trim Trees

Trees and bushes constantly rubbing on your roof cause all sorts of damage to shingles and flashing. Trim your foliage to avoid this.


Year-Round Maintenance Tips for Your RoofFall is the most important time to prepare your roof for the harsh winter months. Perform these simple year-round maintenance tasks to avoid damage.

Clean Gutters

As leaves fall and the wind blows, leaf and other debris can build up on your roof and cause serious damage. When the leaves and debris get wet in winter, it creates a greater risk for leaky and water-damaged roofing. It is integral that you clean the gutters and valleys of your roof before the first snow fall.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

You can check for some things on your own, such as curled, blistered, or loose shingles, but if you want to ensure that your roof is fully ready for winter, schedule a professional roof inspection. They can check the stability of your roof as well as weak spots such as the flashing and the valleys.

These are a few things that you can do to keep your roof in tip-top shape, but when disaster strikes and your roof needs to be repaired, it would be a good idea to hire professional roofers in Chicago to perform year-round maintenance.