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Interior Indicators of Roof Damage in Chicago

Signs on the Inside

Unfortunately, if your roof is in need of a roof leak repair, the inside of your house is likely to be the indicator of the damage, especially in the Chicago area where it blows and snows often. To check for damage, you will want to look at the weakest parts of your ceilings, particularly around skylights. You will also want to check your attic, since it is probably the least frequented room in your home and generally bears the brunt of the weather. As you search, try to spot these tell-tale signs:

Leaking or Seepage

This one seems obvious, but it might not be if the problem is in rooms you don’t visit often, such as the attic. Because many attics are built as an extension of the roof, they can receive a lot of abuse from snow, wind, rain, and ice buildup. The best time to check your ceiling for leakage is immediately following or during a heavy rain or snow storm.

Ceiling Stains and Paint Blistering

In high temperature and humidity areas, paint blistering occurs all too often on the outside of the house, and it can also appear on interior walls and ceilings if the roof is damaged. A damaged roof will also produce yellow, brown, or orange interior ceiling stains, indicating that water has found its way inside your house.


Mold can be both a dangerous and hazardous result of a damaged roof. Sometimes mold will appear on the surface of your ceilings and walls. Other times, you might notice its presence simply because it can cause serious health issues, including constant congestion, eye irritation, respiratory problems, chronic cough, throat irritation and inflammation, and sneezing. If you are experiencing these symptoms even after allergy season has passed, it might be a good idea to get your roof checked out.

Interior Indicators of Roof Damage.

High Utility Bills

Your utility bill can be a surprising and very unpleasant indicator that your roof needs some attention. If you’ve noticed a sudden, unexplained spike in the cost of heating or air conditioning, it could be due to a damaged or improperly installed roof.

With intense Chicago weather, roofing problems are all too common. If you notice any of the signs listed above, it might be a good idea to contact us. Champion is home to the most talented Chicago roofers available for all of your roof repair and replacement needs.