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4 Red Flags That It’s Time For a New Roof

If the signs are clear that the time has come to replace your roof rather than just repair it, you’re looking at a cost in the thousands (think national averages somewhere between $5-10K), versus a few hundred or so for an average roof repair bill. The actual price of a new roof will range quite a bit depending on several factors including the size and type of roof, the choice of materials, pitch and height of roof and of course, geographic location.

The lifespan of a roof is anywhere from 15-30 years depending on these and other relevant factors. Champion roofing— along with many of our roofing contractor colleagues— agree that 20 years is an acceptable lifespan for a typical roof in Chicago weather. One thing is for sure, if you plan to own your home or other property for more than 15 years, the day will eventually come for every property owner to hear those words “it’s time for a new roof”.

Keeping up with smaller repairs and routine maintenance will certainly impact the life of your current roof. Also, the type of roof you have, plus the climate you live in will also play a part. Sometimes, the repairs, even if they may be more extensive and more costly, still may be well worth the expense depending on the age of the roof and how much life is estimated to be left in the roof. Since there is no clear cut list of absolutes when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, it is wise to seek the expert advice of a licensed roofing contractor who is experienced in residential and commercial roofing services.

A visual inspection done by a trustworthy licensed roofing contractor will reveal valuable information about the overall condition of the roof, and any possible minor repairs that are needed and may help extend the life of the existing roof.

So, are there any clear signs it’s really time for a new roof? Most definitely, YES!

Here are 4 red flags that it’s time:

1) When your roof is missing some shingles that blew off during heavy winds, there may be an underlying leak that is working its way through the several layers of your roof. In this scenario, it’s could be a better option to replace the entire roof.

2) When there is daylight coming through the roof boards into the attic, this is not a good sign. Perform an inspection of the insulation as well, and if there’s any moisture, there’s a good chance that decking on the roof has weakened from weather/moisture.

3) Shingles that are curled or buckled, and losing their granules are likely past their life expectancy. If this type of damage has occurred over a large surface area, then a replacement will be the best route. This is best checked out from the slopes of the roof that get the most direct sunlight.

4) If you’ve got a sagging roof, there is NO question you’ve got a serious problem up there. Should you notice any sagging, this is a sign that it’s time to book an appointment with your trusted roofing profession to replace that roof ASAP.