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Autumn Roof Maintenance Tips

Autumn is the perfect time to make repairs to both residential & commercial roofing systems, and you should do this before the weather gets too rainy or cold. Here are some of the ways that you should care for a roof.

1: Professional Roof Inspection

Contact Champion Roofing about a rooftop inspection early in the autumn. The roofing contractor can take photographs or videos of the roof to show you any problems that require a repair before the cold weather of winter begins. In some cases, if a rooftop is seriously degraded, you may need to arrange a roof replacement as soon as possible to avoid any major issues later.

2: Insulate the Attic with Waterproof Materials

Make sure to climb into the attic of your home to look for problems from the roof, including moist or rotting wood. In addition to fixing a roof that is leaking, you can add insulation to the attic to keep a home warmer. This type of insulation can also protect the materials of the attic’s ceiling, floor and walls.

3: Cleaning the Chimney

Don’t ignore the condition of your home’s rooftop chimney. Experts recommend a professional chimney inspection at least once a year to find any obstructions in the shaft along with removing any debris. The removal of creosote can prevent a dangerous internal fire in the shaft that can burn through into your home. Make sure that your home’s chimney has a cap that covers its top while preventing the invasion of wildlife into the shaft.

4: Repairing or Replacing Shingles

With professional roof inspection, you will know if a rooftop has loose or missing shingles. You should contact Champion Roofing to make the repairs to the shingles. The roofing contractor can also check for other problems, including degrading underlying materials that require a repair or a replacement.

5: Cleaning the Gutters and Downspouts

The gutters around your home’s roof are often filled with decaying leaves, trash or the nests from birds and insects. This debris will prevent the proper flow of rainwater or snowmelt, so you should clean the gutters and downspouts. Contact Champion Roofing for professional gutter cleaning & repair.

6: Trimming Trees

If you have trees on your property, then you should trim the long branches to protect a home’s roofing materials. The long branches can slap against a home’s roof, eaves or gutters, damaging the items during a snowstorm. In addition, the sap from trees can drip on the roof, degrading the materials. In some cases, the shade prevents proper evaporation, and mildew or moss can grow on the roof. Additionally, some older or decaying trees might require total removal to protect your home during the winter.