Winter time in Chicago can be particularly rough on a roof, and it pays to have some regular winter roof maintenance when it is cold and icy outside. However, what roofers are looking for when they are doing winter maintenance might surprise you. There are also techniques that may be used that you are not already familiar with. In addition, there are a couple of services that relate to winter that are a regular part of a roofing in Chicago business. To get a better understanding of what roof maintenance in the wintertime looks like, keep reading.

Removing Icicles

When weather oscillates between rain and freezing temperatures, large icicles can form on the edge of your roof. Obviously, these can be dangerous if they are over the top of areas where people walk. While some are easy to remove without using a ladder, others are being caused by clogged gutters. When a roofer comes to your home to fix the icicle problem, they may also install other equipment that prevents them from forming in the future.

Installing Heaters For Roofs and Gutters

In addition to installing rope heaters on the roof or in the gutters to prevent icicles, they can also be used to keep snow off of solar panels and the roof itself. Unfortunately, in certain cases, a roof can collapse if there is too much snow on top of it. If there is a drainage issue because of a malfunctioning gutter, there can also be an excess of ice and weight on top of a roof that may be due for renovations.

Helping With Holiday Decorations

One of the fun parts about winter time is putting up holiday decorations on the outside of the home. In addition to helping homeowners install lights and other decorations on top of the roof and along the edge of the roof, roofing contractors can also help supply electricity to the outdoors. In many cases, this is as easy as bringing along an electrician to install an outdoor outlet and providing the homeowner with insider knowledge about how to avoid electrocution. Once the house has the proper juice, roofers can help install the holiday decorations with the appropriate tools without the homeowner risking their safety, all with just a little bit of winter roof maintenance.

Good Old-Fashioned Winter Roof Maintenance and More

Of course, if you have a problem with your roof any time of the year, we are here to help. Now that you understand that we offer full-service roofing in Chicago, you can guarantee that we will have a solution for you if the need arises. Along with detailed knowledge about roofing repairs, maintenance, inspection, installation, and decoration, we also understand the latest advances in technology and how the roofing industry can support greener ideas like rainwater collection or solar panels. To get your winter roof maintenance started, give us a call today, and thank you in advance for choosing us.