Chicago Roofing ContractorI never thought I would need the services of a roofing contractor. I mean, sure, I know all about rough weather and home maintenance. After all, I live in Chicago, home of some of the most epic winter storms in the United States. Living here has made me very aware of roof maintenance. I do winterization checks on the outside of my home and my roof every fall, making sure that the shingles and flashing are in good shape and the gutters are clear. But last winter we experienced a new level in the severity of winter storms.

A polar vortex is a persistent, large scale cyclone that circles the earth’s geographical poles. In the northern hemisphere, it usually affects areas like Siberia and northern Canada. Last winter, however, the polar vortex hit the northern United States and Chicago was slammed. My wife and I escaped the terrible ice and cold and went to Florida for a week. Upon arriving back in Chicago, the streets were nearly impassable because of the ice and snow and wind. “Should have stayed in Florida,” I joked. Then we pulled up to the house and my wife and I were speechless. “Oh, Jim,” she finally choked out. “What do we do now?”


Chicago Roofing ContractorThe roof of our house had collapsed. Above the front door, where there used to be a sloped shingled entry roof, was now just a gaping hole filled with ice and snow. We entered the house and found the damage had extended into the actual ceiling and there were skiffs of snow in the entryway and living room. I immediately called my insurance agent. He gave me the names of three chicago roofing contractors and told me to get their bids.

The first one I called told me he was so backed up because of the storm that he couldn’t even take a look at the damage for a week. I was incredulous when he said I just needed to get up there with some heavy plastic and staple it over the hole until he could get there. The second contractor I called said he could meet me at my home in one hour and would bring materials for an “emergency fix” until damages could be assessed. The third contractor said he could come and “take a look-see” the next morning. I called the second one back and have been happy I did so ever since.

Chicago Roofing ContractorThey DID show up within an hour like they said they would and put an emergency patch over the hole, then went over the repairs that would be necessary. They gave me a very reasonable quote on that first visit and thanked me for calling. They let me know I was under no obligation to continue with their services, but they hoped I would. I did. Not only did they fix the exterior of my house and roof, they also took care of the interior and in two weeks, it was like nothing had ever happened. Their work and service are exceptional. If I ever am in need of any roofing services again, Champion Roofing Inc. is the only contractor I will call.