Types of Roofing

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Choose the Perfect Roof

With over 30 years of experience, Champion Roofing, Inc. offers a wide variety of roofing types to the Chicago area. We understand that choosing the perfect roof can seem daunting. Our professional, trained installers are ready to help guide you through choosing the right roof for your particular situation. Throughout the process, and beyond, we will be here to answer all of your residential and commercial roofing questions.

We have over 30 years experience determining the types of roofing best for holding up to weather in Chicago, which is why we choose to only install the following type of roofs:
  • 3 tab shingles – this roof type combines the classic curb appeal of a shingle roof with the superior protection and performance against weather that your home needs for wind and heavy storms.
  • Architectural shingles – this roof type packs a punch, it has the aesthetic appeal of a wood-shake look that can improve your home’s look and resale value while providing quality performance.
  • Cedar – cedar shake and shingle roofs offer beauty as well as durability. They are naturally resistant to all weather conditions, insect damage, and damage from UV rays.
  • Slate – this material has been a favorite for roofs for a very long time. The slate is nearly impervious to the elements. The curb appeal and wow factor alone would make it a strong contender for best roof type without even considering its superior durability.
  • PVC membrane – this engineered membrane provides long-term durability, holding up to all kinds of weather. This cost-conscious roof option exceeds quality expectations for superior performance.
  • TPO membrane – this performance proven membrane is a great, cost-effective roof option which is easily installed and trusted to provide long-term, reliable weather protection. With extremely good seam strength and puncture resistance, this roof type has been designed for durability.
  • SPMB – This roof type, single ply modified bitumen, is designed with sloped roofs in mind. This tough, yet flexible membrane provides both reliable weather protection and long-term durability you can count on.

Why you should choose one of these roofing types for your home in Chicago

These seven roof materials have stood the test of time. They are all durable, reliable, and capable of standing up to even the wildest weather the windy city can throw at them. Whether your main concern is the aesthetic appeal or the most cost-effective option, we can help you get your ideal roof. Contact Champion Roofing, Inc. today!