Essential Spring Rooftop Maintenance

Durable and high-quality roofing in Chicago is necessary for commercial and residential buildings, and Champion Roofing Inc., can provide advice concerning spring maintenance for rooftops. Late spring is the perfect time to fix the damage that has occurred to a roof during the inclement winter months.

One: On-the-Ground Inspection

Begin your spring rooftop maintenance by walking around outside a building to look at the edge of the roof along with the gutters and downspouts. Check for sagging materials or missing rain gutters that indicate Chicago’s high winds damaged a building’s roof over the winter season. Make a written list of specific problems to provide to the professional roofers who you hire to make repairs.

Two: Perform a Rooftop Inspection

Next, climb an extension ladder to examine a building’s rooftop. Stand at the top of the ladder to notice missing or curled shingles that require a repair. If you are physically fit, then walk onto the rooftop to check other materials such as a chimney’s bricks or mortar. While on the roof, you can also inspect vents and pipes, but make sure to stay away from electrical wires.

Three: Are there Discolorations on the Roofing Materials?

The color of a building’s rooftop materials might change slightly due to fading or a buildup of debris, but if there are unusual discolorations, then it might need a specialized cleaning to remove moss or mold. Mold or moss will continue to grow, and these contaminants can cause significant damage to underlying materials or invade a building. A cleaning crew can spray chemicals on a roof’s materials to eliminate contamination.

Four: Remove Debris from Downspouts and Rain Gutters

Make sure to remove debris such as leaves, nests and branches from rain gutters and downspouts to improve drainage. A buildup of debris in gutters and downspouts prevents water from draining quickly, and the moisture will cause shingles and underlying materials to degrade, leading to leaks inside a building.

Hire Our Roofing Company

Instead of trying to repair a rooftop’s materials on your own, hire experts to complete the job. A professional company such as Champion Roofing has the bucket trucks, ladders and supplies required to replace a building’s rooftop materials. Roofing in Chicago is often located on multistory buildings, making it dangerous for property owners to attempt to make a repair on their own.