There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are sitting on your couch, comfortably reading the newspaper and enjoying your cup of hot coffee when…DRIP. You’ve just felt a cold droplet of water splash onto your cheek. Where did it come from? You, wipe it away and stare at the moisture on your hand in disbelief. Then you slowly look up… DRIP. Right in the eye. Well, there it is, a spreading water stain and another droplet getting ready to hurl itself into your other eye. With a big sigh you hoist yourself out of your comfy spot and call Champion Roofing.

Scenarios like this play out every day in Naperville, the windy conditions can wreak havoc on your roofing and cause thousands of dollars of damage. Champion Roofing can certainly take care of anything Naperville weather can throw at you.

Naperville roof repair services include:

What can Champion Roofing do to help with my Naperville roof repair issues?

Our skilled tradesmen can have your Naperville roof repair troubles tackled in a flash. There is no need for you to get up on your roof to search for the source of that leak you’ve just discovered. That’s what we do! The good news is that finding the leak is usually the hard part, once the leak or leaks, are found fixing them is pretty easy.

Naperville roof repairThe thing that homeowners need to know is that even a small leak can cause big damage. We recommend leaks be taken care of as soon as they are discovered. A small leak can lead to mold, rotted or warped framing and sheathing, destroyed insulation and of course damaged ceilings, if not taken care of as soon as possible.

The source of a roof leak can be from many different things. From mounting holes from a satellite dish that has been removed, or cracked rubber gaskets on your vent boots, to leaks around brick chimneys. Our Naperville roof repair professionals will know just how to tackle your leak.

Since it is so windy in Naperville, we deal with a lot of wind damage to people’s roofs. Usually wind damage presents as missing or loose shingles or pieces of metal fascia. These are generally pretty straightforward fixes. Other ways wind can damage your roof are by blowing debris onto it, or by blowing trees over and making them land on your house. In these instances it is best to get the damage assessed and go from there. If the damage is minimal our Naperville roof repair professionals can repair just the damaged area. If the damage is extensive we may recommend replacing your roof entirely. We offer a “design your own roof” feature on our website where you can do just that. You can choose from a variety of colors, exteriors, and trims to create a personalized look for your home.

We use the highest quality materials, and offer resilient, wind resistant materials to improve the longevity of your roof. An often overlooked avenue for personalizing your home, different roofing options give a different look and feel.

  • 3 tab shingles – classic shingle look while offering maximum protection against weather.
  • Architectural shingles – gives a wood-shake look that has real curb appeal while still providing quality protection and performance.
  • Cedarcedar shake and shingle roofs are durable, resistant to insect damage and weather, and are beautiful.
  • Slate – has been an industry favorite for years. It is beautiful, durable and naturally resistant to all weather.
  • PVC membrane – this is a pocket book friendly option that is also durable.
  • TPO membrane – designed for durability this roof type has superior seam strength and puncture resistance.
  • SPMB – single ply modified bitumen is tough yet flexible.

Once a course of action has been decided on, our Naperville roof repair team will act quickly to put it into motion.

What makes Champion Roofing the best when it comes to Naperville roof repair?

Naperville roof repairWe like to think that our customer service is second to none, but there are many reasons why choosing Champion Roofing to help you with your roofing needs is the best idea you’ve ever had. Our team of skilled tradesmen can handle anything, from day to day maintenance, or the occasional leak, to a tree caving in half of your roof. Nothing is too big or too small. Some other reasons to choose us:

  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Attention to Detail
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Immediate Response
  • High Tech Equipment
  • Skilled Tradesmen

You’re roof is the only thing standing between your family and the elements, don’t neglect it. With the proper care and maintenance the life of your existing roof can be greatly extended, let us help you maintain and repair your roof with our superior roofing knowledge and experience. So call us now to get started.