You invested a ton of money into putting on a new roof on your commercial building. But, did you forget to make another key investment? Roof insulation is often forgotten in the process. Yet, it can make a difference in keeping the building safe and comfortable.

Let’s look at five reasons why you need roof insulation in your commercial building.

#1 Keeping Fires from Spreading

Most fires in a commercial building will start below the roof. However, the flames can climb quickly, reaching the roof in just a few minutes. Selecting an insulating material that also resists flame could protect your roof from damage. This will give firefighters time to get the fire out without compromising the roof structure.

#2 Preventing Mold Growth

Humidity will settle into the space below your roof. If you don’t have adequate insulation, this moist air will allow mold to take hold. It can spread to the roof’s framework and become a health hazard. Certain insulation materials are mold resistant. Installing this insulation will keep the roof area clear of mold, preventing problems with indoor air quality.

#3 Lowering Energy Bills

One of the main reasons you need roof insulation is to lower your energy bills. Insulation acts as a barrier between the inside and outside temperature. It helps keep hot air out in the summer and keeps it inside during the winter. An uninsulated roof means you are losing up to 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs every season. Adding insulation will lower your energy costs significantly.

#4 Improving Employee and Client Comfort

As stated before, an uninsulated roof can harbor humidity and make it difficult to keep the interior at the right temperature. These factors impact the comfort of anyone inside the building. That means your employees and clients may be suffering due to lack of insulation under the roof.

#5 Protecting the Roof and the Building

Insulation helps do two things for the roof. It prevents ice damming, and it improves a roof’s lifespan. Ice damming can lead to roof leaks and other problems. Insulation also helps protect the roof from moisture penetration. All of this translates to a longer lifespan for the roof, while protecting the building below.

If your roof has little to no insulation, it’s time to change that. You need a professional commercial roofing contractor to make sure the job is done fast, efficiently, and correctly. Call us to assess your building and to find a way to improve your insulation.