Chicago winters can be brutal. Frigid temperatures, icy precipitation, and unforgiving, whopping breezes and wind chills are commonplace. Any of these conditions could result in rapid deterioration of a home’s roof.

Roofing Problems Winter Weather May Cause

Typically, roofs are built from strong, durable materials capable of withstanding harsh atmospheres. However, over time, the aging process coupled with such challenging environments could elicit issues like:

1) Water Accumulation

Excessive water accumulation is a roof’s enemy. This natural substance can penetrate deep into roofing components and precipitate a wide array of damages.

2) Leaks

Gradual deterioration often leads to the development of unwarranted openings, such as cracks and crevices. These spaces ultimately grow large enough to provide a passageway for water.

3) Rotting Material

Roofing materials like wood do not stand up well to uncontrolled water exposure. Such events often lead to rotting.

4) Ice Damming

Heavy snow collecting atop a roof will gradually melt when temperatures steadily rise above the freezing mark. On sloped roofs, the water formed by melted snow flows off the structure and to the ground.

However, should the outside air once again fall below freezing, water will melt at the construction’s edges or ridges. The icicles forming as a result are formally referred to as ice dams. Damming places exorbitant weight on a roof and often leads to deterioration and, in certain unfortunate incidents, collapse.

Concerns Roofing Issues Bring To Homeowners

If not properly remediated, winter roof deterioration could result in:

1) Increased Energy Bills

In addition to water, leaks permit immoderate concentrations of cold air to rush indoors. Such an occurrence makes the interior colder and places discernible stress on the home’s heating unit. At the end of the day, appreciable increases in utility charges often ensues.

2) Expensive Damages

Cracks and other forms of damage will not disappear on their own. In fact, said problems often worsen. Therefore, to prevent further deterioration, remediation must be initiated. Water damage remediation and roof replacements are usually expensive undertakings.

3) Diminished Aesthetic Quality

The roof is amongst a residence’s principle exterior components. A tiring roof is invariably noticeable. Homes with fouled coverings experience an appreciable decline in their visual appeal. This could result in significant decreases in property value and render selling the abode far more difficult.

4) Decreased Safety

Though occasionally overlooked, poorly maintained roofs could threaten the safety of those residing under said structures. Colder indoor temperatures could increase one’s risk of contracting various upper respiratory illnesses. Moreover, weakened roofs appreciably diminish a home’s structural integrity.

Final Thoughts

Arguably, the key to preventing winter-related roof deterioration is careful monitoring and thorough examination. Ergo, homeowners are implored to consult with a professional roofing company like Champion Roofing before any discernible problems arise. We can diagnose small issues and correct them before they morph into major and costly concerns.