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Pros & Cons of Terracotta Roofing

Today, fashionable homes around the world frequently display eye-catching Terracotta roofs. Essentially, this type of tile consists of earth-fired clay. Manufacturers furnish sufficient heat over extended periods of time to create a fused, watertight surface. In many cases, they subsequently apply decorative glazes, also. Terracotta roofs have enjoyed widespread popularity for centuries. Should you invest in a Terracotta roof? Consider some of the advantages and disadvantages offered by this lovely roofing material.

Some Terracotta Pros
First, Terracotta tile currently supplies a dazzling array of design options. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and styles, this material offers impressive exterior decorative choices. Most Terracotta utilizes earth tones of reddish brown or deep orange. Yet designers create these roofs in other shades, also.

Second, correctly installed Terracotta roofs potentially furnish a century (or more) of utility, with relatively little maintenance. Property owners should obtain periodic inspections to ensure tile damage has not occurred. Yet the long lasting durability of this historically popular roofing material speaks for itself.

Third, Terracotta roofing proves an especially popular choice for luxury homes due to its beauty and sustainability. This stylish roofing material complements many architectural designs. It contributes energy conservation properties to roofing systems.
Disadvantages of Terracotta
Of course, just like other roofing materials, Terracotta does not fit the requirements of every building. This type of roof weighs more than metal or asphalt tile roofing. It requires strong structural support.

Second, contractors installing Terracotta roofing tiles must possess a high degree of proficiency working with this material. Tiles need to overlap at the correct angles and positions in order to prevent rain from soaking into the roof. Contractors must exercise care during installation to avoid cracking these tiles, and falling Terracotta tiles may injure bystanders.