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Pros & Cons Of Slate Roofing

Individuals looking at homes to purchase may notice that a large percentage of homes will have asphalt shingles. In fact, the majority of home roofs will have this type of shingle added. However, popularity isn’t everything when it comes to roof shingles; it’s simply the most well-known. Many homeowners don’t’ realize that there is a second option. That second option includes slate roof shingles. To further inform homeowners about this option, the following includes a couple of the pros and cons of this type of roof shingle.

Pro: Aesthetically Pleasing

Let’s begin with the aesthetics of slate roof shingles. Slate has drawn people into these types of homes for many years. This is largely due in part because the slate provides the home with a very natural look. The slate’s clean lines and natural tones tend to give a home that classic visual that is lost with modern shingles. In addition, homeowners will have an option as to the color and thickness of the shingles they want added to their home roof.

Pro: Durability

Durability is often one of the most important things a homeowner looks for in their roofing material. The fact is that replacing or even repairing a roof can be quite expensive, and thus homeowners want something that will last them for a long time. Unlike other modern materials, slate is less likely to be damaged by weather events such as a powerful thunderstorm of low-temperatures. Other than being freeze/thaw resistant, the shingles also hold a Class A fire rating.

Pro: Maintenance

The maintenance needed for this type of roofing material is relatively low. Slate is extremely durable and thus less likely to take on any damage. This means you are less likely to have to pay for any repairs during the shingles’ lifespan.

Cons: Affordability

One of the biggest reasons this tends to be a less popular option than asphalt is its initial cost. Slate will have a homeowner pay $20 per square foot more than other types of shingles. Although easy, the installation process would need a specific type of installation to have the shingles added properly.

Con: Heavy Material

Slate may look incredible on a roof, but they are also very heavy. This is why homeowners must always take the structure of the overall home into consideration before adding this type of shingle.