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Pros and Cons of Clay Tile Roofing

When it comes to replacing an old roof (due to old age or damage), you should always do your homework on comparing different types of installation techniques and products. The type of installation we’ll discuss here at Champion Roofing is clay tile.

This type of roofing can beautifully complement various home styles and adjust neatly to make your home look aesthetically pleasing. However, like everything else in the world, clay tile roofing comes with pros and cons. Let’s take a look at all of them in greater detail.

The seven pros of clay tile roofing

  1. Clay tiles come in a variety of options – clay tiles are available in many different colors and styles, making sure that you have just enough options to complement the very design of your house properly;
  2. Clay tiles can resist the weather – clay is known for its durability and won’t degrade over time. Moreover, it can withstand fire, wind, and hail, making them a great option even for areas that have hurricanes;
  3. Clay tiles are a friend of the environment – tiles made of clay consist solely of earth minerals. When you decide to remove them, they can easily be crushed into smaller pieces and recycled, later on, usually to be used as a base for building roads;
  4. Clay tiles keep energy costs at a minimum – there’s always a gap under clay tiles, which blocks the heat from the sun and disables it to transfer into your attic. Reduction of heat will reduce the usage of your AC, reducing all cooling costs tremendously;
  5. Clay tiles are resistant to pest – clay tiles, as opposed to tiles made from other materials, are indestructible when it comes to damage done by insects;
  6. Maintenance of clay tiles is minimal – as we’ve mentioned that clay tiles are wind, pest, fire, and hail resistant, they will require minimal maintenance due to their durability;
  7. Clay tiles can last very long – if you install brand new clay tile roofing – it will last a lifetime. In severe conditions, no clay tile roofing lasted less than fifty years;


The five cons of clay tile roofing

  1. Clay tiles can get dirty – in areas with a lot of algae; dark streaking may be visible on your roofing. This can be treated with an algae prevention solution;
  2. Clay is heavy – clay tile roofing can be very heavy, which is why you have to make sure that your house has proper reinforcement in structure to be able to support the weight;
  3. Clay tile roofing may be brittle – yes, clay tiles are weather-resistant, but they can still sometimes break or crack;
  4. Clay tiles are sometimes expensive – clay tiles usually cost twice as much as shingles made of asphalt. However, remember that you are paying for longevity, appeal, and durability;
  5. The installation process is critical – most failures in clay tile installations are the lack of specialty flashings. Installing these specified specialty flashings with the aid of a professional roofer will make sure your roofing lasts up to fifty years;

Considering the pros and cons before you equip your home with clay tile roofing is the essential step to take. The ultimate choice is yours, but the facts mentioned above can help you in your decision-making process.

Different styles of tiles for clay tile roofing

The most common styles of clay tile roofing are:

  • Riviera – a flattened form of a Roman roof;
  • French – the inverted Roman roof;
  • Spanish – rows of lapping waves with gaps to keep the water away;
  • Scandia – the inverted Spanish roof;
  • Barrel – like Roman and Spanish, but with tapered cylinders which are wider;
  • Pantile – a shape of a flattened S;
  • Double Roman – just like Spanish, but with more distinct ribs;
  • Flat shake – flat surfaces of tiles, suitable for light rain;

Are clay tiles the right choice for you?

Besides the pros and cons, before you install clay tile roofing, you also have to consider that your roof has an adequate slope for this roof system. Also, consider your budget and see whether you can afford clay tiles for your roof.

If the cost of clay tiles and additional costs for installation, reinforcement, and support will pay off in the long run, then yes, clay tile roofing is the perfect choice for you.