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How to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

With summer coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, the fall and winter months are just around the corner. Considering that colder weather is slowly approaching, it’s essential to ensure your roof is in its top condition and ready to withstand wind, ice, and snow before it’s too late.

As a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure your roof is ready to tackle even the harshest weather conditions. So, here are the top tips you can use to prepare your roof for the upcoming winter days.

1.   Examine your roof

One of the first things you’ll want to do while preparing your roof for the winter is examining the roof itself. Since the roof consists of many parts, you’ll want to examine each part carefully and identify any potential issues.

  • Shingles

As they are the largest part of the roof, you need to take time to check your roof shingles. Pay attention if any of the shingles are damaged, missing, or improperly installed. Some shingles might sink, which could also be a sign of damage. Replace the bad shingles with ones in good repair to keep your roof in good condition.

  • Flashing

Flashing around your roof and chimney needs to be properly placed to prevent any leaks or other damages. For roof flashing to be effective, it mustn’t be rusty, bent, or damaged in any other way. However, if that’s the case, consider changing your roof flashing.

2.   Clean the roof and gutters

Once you’ve examined if your roof is in order, you should consider cleaning it of any debris. Branches, twigs, leaves, and other unwanted material can significantly harm the overall state of your roof and gutters, which is why you need to clean them regularly.

With fall leaves and windy weather, the gutters can get clogged easily and thus prevent snow and rain from running freely through the drains and downspouts. Water retention can lead to leaks, ice dam formation, and roof pools, leading to numerous other home issues.

3.   Inspect the attic

Once you inspect the outside of the roof and clean all the gutters, check out the attic for the potential signs of water damage. Namely, the first signs of leaks will be seen in the attic, so if you notice any water spots, wet roof decking, and water puddles across the attic floor, you need to book a roof specialist as soon as possible.

That way, you can maintain your roof before winter arrives and before the leaks harm other parts of your home.

4.   Trim the branches

Branches are hazardous if they’re particularly close to your roof. With heavy snowfall and windy weather, snow tends to build upon these branches, and it’s not uncommon for the branches to snap under the heavy load. If the branches are particularly close to your roof, they can harm the shingles and flashing, causing leaks, flooding, and countless other problems.

By trimming the branches near your roof, you’re eliminating the chances of this happening.

The bottom line

In sum, getting your roof ready for the winter is a crucial task you must approach with caution and care as a homeowner. By taking proper care of your roof, you instantly prolong the lifetime of your roof and decrease any chances of roof damage taking place.

To ensure your roof is in its top condition and ready for the winter season, consider hiring the Champion Roofing team for professional inspection services.