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4 Types of Roofs

Roofing plays an integral role other than just protecting room occupants from harsh weather conditions. The top also focuses on complementing the house design and increasing the aesthetic appeal of the house. When building your home, there are various designs and roof types that you may choose.

When choosing a roof for your home, the essential consideration should be more than just the design and materials used. The roof type will significantly determine the roof strength, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

You need a roof that is weather-proof and provides additional space. These are some of the essential considerations that one should consider before commencing on a roofing project. Here are some types of roofs that you should know about.

Gable Roof
This roof type is known for its distinguishable triangular shape feature. It’s one of the most popular roofs in America having being adapted in a multitude of homes. The gable roof is easy to build due to its design and facilitates home ventilation.

It’s known for the ability to shed snow and water quickly. The simple design also makes it cheaper to install. The gable roof requires proper frame construction to avoid collapsing. This roof type can be made from various materials, including tiles, metallic shingles, asphalt, or shakes.

Mansard Roof
This roof type was adapted from the French and has a much steeper lower slope. Mansard roofs usually have four sides with two slopes on each side. The sides may be curvy or flat, which compliments the whole design to create more living space.

The space created by the roof allows more room inside and is convenient for homeowners looking to make additions in future. Thus, homeowners can fetch a reasonable price for their homes from prospects that may make home additions.

This roof type can be made from wood or metal shingles. Metal can be expensive but ensures low maintenance practices. Slate shingles may also make the design stand out and make a diamond shape.

Flat Roof
This roof type may not be entirely flat but have a low-sloped pitch that makes them appear flat. They are more convenient for commercial buildings, but they can also be installed in residential properties.

For residential houses, they are suitable for homes in areas that experience high and low rainfall periods. They provide more outdoor space and are convenient for the installation of AC units in commercial buildings.

For residential buildings, they provide more space for homeowners looking to create space for a palatio or home gardens. They require fewer roofing materials that make the roof cheaper to construct and maintain. The top needs to be completely waterproof hence calling for a seamless design. Some of the materials used in their construction include gravel, PVC, or metal sheets.

Hip Roof
This roof type has four sides with a slope on every side. They are a preferable option for Americans living in windy areas. However, this roof comes in various designs, including the simple hip type, cross hipped, the note type, and half-hipped.

The four-sided roof provides stability and durability. However, this roof type doesn’t leave much room for ventilation. They can be made from clay tiles, metal, and shingles. Their design makes them suitable for snowy areas as snow can slide down easily.