Flat roofs have become increasingly popular since the 19th century. With advances in construction techniques and materials like waterproofing and the use of structural steel, flat roofs are now the new norm on commercial properties, and with good reason. They were built with practicality and functionality in mind. Perhaps your flat roof has started to show signs of wear and tear and is now ponding water. Today, we will discuss 6 severe and costly consequences of ponding water on your commercial roof if left unaddressed.


One of the top consequences of ponding water in a flat commercial roof is that you can experience leaking. Leaking can cause havoc which results in costly repairs. Not to mention, a halt in business processes to ensure you and your employees stay safe, furthering the consequence of ponding water.


In a highly competitive market, a business’s appearance is key to attracting new clients while retaining the ones you already have. With that said, an unattended discolored commercial flat roof will leave your clients or customers uninspired, making discoloration another consequence of ponding water.

Vegetation Growth

Excess moisture from ponding water on the roof can cause vegetation like grass, weeds, algae, and others to grow. This means that leaving ponding water unattended or not making necessary repairs to prevent it will cause clogs in your roof’s drainage system. Vegetation growth is another consequence of ponding water.


Just like vegetation, extra moisture or ponding water can attract pests and is typically the go-to breeding ground for insects, particularly mosquitos. Cockroaches, beetles, termites, and other insects can find their way beneath the roof, causing significant damage and infestation. This makes insects another consequence of ponding water on your commercial roof.


Insects are not the only ones attracted to ponding water on the roof. Birds, rodents, and raccoons are also attracted to it. This equates to more debris on the roof, which means adding to the maintenance cost of your flat roof.


Ponding water on your commercial flat roof can cause ice to accumulate during the cold wintery season. This can lead to damages to the roofing material as well as structural damage to the building itself, making this another severe consequence of ponding water.

The Bottom Line

Routine commercial flat roof maintenance is vital to ensure the roof’s durability and longevity. If you find ponding water to be a frequent issue, then consider having your roof inspected as soon as possible. Make the necessary repairs to prevent these 6 severe and costly consequences of ponding water.